Clay and Paper Theatre
Dufferin Grove park's local theater company. They stage irreverant PWYC plays, parades and festivals in the park featuring their spectacular home-made puppets. Their events are meant for the whole community; suiteable for kids but still entertaining for adults. From mid-july to mid-august every year they put on a play. The performance schedule is Wednesday - Sunday 7pm + Friday - Sunday 2pm The Saturday before halloween every year is the night of dread parade. The Sunday b... [Read More]
Placebo Space
Artists Yunior and Ramone started opening their home to live music events last summer. The result is one of the most intimate music experiences you are likely to enjoy in Toronto. The space itself, reminiscent of an art gallery, with it's white painted walls and large scale paintings, is a pleasure for the senses. While proper seating is limited, there is a plethora of cushions. This means lots of room for dancing and the sweet joy of lying sprawled out on the floor... [Read More]
Improv in Toronto « Catch IT if you can
They stage large scale public pranks and games These flash mob/performance art type events bring people together and aim to brighten peoples day by shaking up routine public behaviour. Here's a Ted talk explanation of the concept from the NY chapter: The world is your amusement park Toronto. Have fun. [Read More]
Promise cherry beach sundays
The beloved summer sunday afternoon dance party by the lake. Their picnics start June 1st for 2014. The event takes place every Sunday from 3-11(but check on long weekends as the party usually gets moved to Monday). Aside from dancing if it's not crazy crowded you might be able to just chill on a blanket and chat with the friendly folks who flock there (rember if you flock there, you are one of the aforementioned friendly folks!), hoola a hoop, throw a frisbee, picnic or contempla... [Read More]
Trigger Festival
They describe themselves as a QUEER Arts Survivor-Centric Festival. Bringing art and activisim together hey combine art, interactive performances, music and flim with workshops. [Read More]
No Media Kings
Jim Munroe produces cultural items of all sorts (books, video games, graphic novels, videos). After a short period working for ad busters, writting for eye and harper collins he went fiercly independant. Not only does he proudly self-publish but he also makes much of his work available for free. The "Infest Wisely" full length feature comes highly recommended. His earlier video shorts are also pretty darn interesting. In addition to creating things he also offers web... [Read More]
L.I.F.E (Learning Initiatives Fostering Elevation)
LIFEmovement is a collective of youth adovocates. They use hip hop culture to help empower youth and strengthen community engagement. [Read More]
CityLife Film Project
The city life project gives young filmmakers a chance to make a film. They connect neighbourhoods with reduced opputunities with experienced creative mentors to build media prodcution skills. As a result we're given the oppurtunity hear stories from our city that wouldn't otherwise be told. Check the website to apply or otherwise get involved in the program. [Read More]
Beautiful City
The Beautiful city project is an alliance made up of over sixty organizations that came together to help beautify Toronto. They did this through public consultations and working with municipal government to place a tax on billboard ads to fund the arts. On April 10 2010 the billboard tax passed and the aesthetic landscape of Toronto is indebted to Beautiful City for the effort it took to make this happen. Thank you. Of course there's still room for improvement. Visit their... [Read More]
Four Winds Library
Norman Perrin run's Toronto's only storytellers’ library out of his two-bedroom apartment in the Junction. Anyone is welcome to drop by and borrow a book from his collection of folktales from around the world. Norman does this for his love of stories and the desire to spread them. Norman's love for sharing stories is also evident through his skill as an oral storyteller. Drop by the library and discover fantastic tales from far off lands or look out for Norman at... [Read More]