The Cooking Fire Theatre Festival
Every year Dufferin grove hosts the The Cooking Fire Theatre Festival. It's a chance to relax under the park trees, sample a tasty organic meal cooked in the parks wood burning ovens and be entertained by the variety of theater troupes that will put on short plays over the course of the evening. For 2012 the festival runs from June 20th - 24th. Dinner is served starting at 6pm and the plays start at 7pm. A little later in the summer, Dufferin grove park is also the... [Read More]
Red Moon Music Collective
Since 2009 Red moon Collective has been inviting a wide variety of musicians to come together for a jam night. It's a free monthly event, open to all, held in a Photographers loft space. This summer look for the jams happening in outdoor spots like the island. There is a great review of the event on "There is no protocol other than a simple sign-up sheet so people know when they’re up next, the same as what you’d find at a pool hal... [Read More]
Phoenix Poetry Workshop
The Phoenix Poetry Workshop is held the first Saturday of every month at 2:30 pm. It's a free event at the College/Shaw library which is open to any and all who wish to share their poetry. Once upon a time when I did write poetry this was one of my favorite events as it was: - An encouraging and friendly environment - People grew to know each other and their poetry fairly well - honest constructive feedback on each others writting was possible.... [Read More]
Imagining Toronto
Imagining Toronto is a book that examines how imagination and narrative have given meaning to the city of Toronto. The Author Amy Lavender Harris is a prof at York university and runs a course on the subject. I'm not recommending this book because I've read it(I haven't yet), but because of the excellent list provided on her site which organizes literature set in Toronto according to different negihbourhoods and cultural experiences. For example if you wanted to read a story w... [Read More]
Flemingdon Park: The Global Village by Andrew Faiz
A well made doc that examines the past and present of the Flemingdon Park neighbourhood through stories of community members. It was a pleasent suprise to see a fairly well known member of my Toronto community talk about his origins. [Read More]
Ian Kamau
After a series of promising mix-tapes and features on other notable albums Ian Kamau dropped a master piece debut album. I really can't give it enough praise. It might be easiest to classify the music as hip hop, but the songs on the 'One Day Soon' album eschews much of what has become standard in hip hop. I do wish there was more artists making music at this level. The lyrics are poetry of the highest degree, fiercely honest, open-hearted and thoughtfully crafted with hea... [Read More]
I Met A Man From Burma
There will be a free screening of this film 5:30pm Thursday, Dec. 22nd, 2011 at the Revue Cinema with a panel Q and A session. The film tells the story of Ler Wah Lo Bo, "  A Burmese refugee and self-coined freedom fighter  " The film is written, produced and directed by Tara Browne. She's inteviewed about the film in the following: ... [Read More]
A Simple Rhythm by Tess Girard
A marvellous exploration of rhythm and synchronization. The movie, which has been described as "impressionistic and meditative", blends visuals with the audio of interviews from individuals of multiple disciplines (science, music, mathematics, health care) with personal reflections into a philosophical work of art. You can read an interview with the director here.... [Read More]
FOOL - Festival of Oral Literatures
This event brings a diverse selection of excellent storytellers to cafes, art galleries and farmers' markets arcoss the city every fall. The festival celebrates storytelling in both french and english! [Read More]
Every week masses of people come together to share in the joy of singing. Accompanied by a guitar the group sings a few songs each week. Their repitoire includes a wide range of popular music from the last 50 years. [Read More]