UofT B.E.E.S
neighbourhood: Annex
address: Trinity college (map)
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URL: http://www.facebook.com/groups/132701820111760/

With a little guidance from some experienced beekeepers and a large property which allows them to stay official despite Ontario's ultra-prohibitive bee act, a group of students took up organic beekeeping at University of Toronto's down town campus in 2010.

One of the features that sets them apart from other groups keeping honeybees in the city is their open door policy. They are still welcoming members of the general public to come visit their hives on top of trinity college, learn a little more about this otherwise difficult to access aspect of urban agriculture and experience the thrill of a bee buzz first hand.

As these fledgling beekeepers establish their first hives those in the annex area can look forward to well pollinated gardens. Hopefully the love for local honey, the shrugging off of the much-hyped threat of stings and the active marvelling at the natural world is a trend that will continue to spread.

I look forward to the day when veils and white outfits are again a common sight in Toronto. This group is bringing us one step closer to the realization of such dreams.
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