Christie and Bloor Free Little Library
Walking up Grace Street today, I spotted from a distance, what appeared to be a large bird house. As I came closer I was delighted to discover it was actually a house for books. One of many 'little free libraries' that have sprung up around the world. The instructions were simple: “take a book, return a book”. Also check the global map for a location near you.... [Read More]
Imagining Toronto
Imagining Toronto is a book that examines how imagination and narrative have given meaning to the city of Toronto. The Author Amy Lavender Harris is a prof at York university and runs a course on the subject. I'm not recommending this book because I've read it(I haven't yet), but because of the excellent list provided on her site which organizes literature set in Toronto according to different negihbourhoods and cultural experiences. For example if you wanted to read a story w... [Read More]
Becoming Feminists: An anthology of how we became feminists
Becoming Feminists is a collection of stories, poetry, art and essays edited by Lorena M. Gajardo and Jamie Ryckman of OISE. The anthologoy asks the question "How did you become a feminist and how has feminism shaped your worldview?" They attempted to include as many different voices, points of view and forms of expression as possible. Rather than trying to define anything the idea was to present the polivocality of feminism. If you prefer a print version, there are a limited nu... [Read More]
No Media Kings
Jim Munroe produces cultural items of all sorts (books, video games, graphic novels, videos). After a short period working for ad busters, writting for eye and harper collins he went fiercly independant. Not only does he proudly self-publish but he also makes much of his work available for free. The "Infest Wisely" full length feature comes highly recommended. His earlier video shorts are also pretty darn interesting. In addition to creating things he also offers web... [Read More]
Four Winds Library
Norman Perrin run's Toronto's only storytellers’ library out of his two-bedroom apartment in the Junction. Anyone is welcome to drop by and borrow a book from his collection of folktales from around the world. Norman does this for his love of stories and the desire to spread them. Norman's love for sharing stories is also evident through his skill as an oral storyteller. Drop by the library and discover fantastic tales from far off lands or look out for Norman at... [Read More]
Toronto Anarchist Bookfair
Toronto's Anarchist Bookfair usually takes place early april. In addition to the tables of political zines, magazines and book publishers they are known to do a community dinner, host a really, really free market, as well as plenty of worshops and performances. It's a festival about sharing ideas, making connections and inspiring us to make the world a better place. ... [Read More]
Poetry is Public is Poetry
This project is aiming to make a permanent visual place for poetry in our public space. The first exhibit went on display December 6th 2010 at the Cedarbrae Branch public library. [Read More]
Cory Doctorow
You can find free downloads and podcast readings of his novels on his site. I read "Someone comes to town, someone leaves town" while I was out of the country and it did a good job of easing my homesickness. It's a story who's weirdness does a good job of reflecting it's kensington market setting. "Cory Doctorow ( is a science fiction author, activist, journalist and blogger -- the co-editor of Boing Boing ( and the author of the or Teens/HarperCollins UK novel... [Read More]
Alissa York
Her new novel Fauna looks at wild life in Toronto. It intertwines the stories of several Torontonians with strong and unique connections to animals in our urban context. I was at first suspicous that the story was just an excuse to point out some of the wild life that can be found in the city, but I was soon charmed by this hard to put down book. [Read More]