Historical Maps of Toronto
This project is an easy to use, online collection of notable pre-1900 maps of our fair city. If you’ve ever wondered what ‘Muddy York’ looked like 200 years ago, and then wanted to trace the city’s development over the following century, this site will fascinate you. Each map in the collection has its own unique story to tell. By comparing these 'windows into history' with the present day, it's possible to gain insight into how much our Toront... [Read More]
Toronto Concerts | Just Shows
Site dedicated to comprehensive concert listings. [Read More]
Coolest picnic table and bird sanctuary in high park
A picnic on a summer day is a wonderful thing but finding a nice picnic table in deep shade can be a challenge in the city. If you're visiting High Park there is one amazing picnic spot you should know about. This secluded oasis is surrounded be trees, bird houses, friendly chipmunks and has decorated archways at the entrance. To find it, enter High Park from from the main entrance on Bloor Street. Walking south into the park, stick to the sidewalk on the East(left). T... [Read More]
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
An independant research institute concerned with economic, social and environmental justice. They debunk propaganda as well as develop practicle alternative solutions problems. They tackle topics such as balancing Toronto's budget and the cost burden of post-secondary education They've also hosted events such as David Lewis Lectures in Toronto which features conversations with some of Canada's leading thinkers. ... [Read More]
Evergreen Native Plant Database
Volunteers with evergreen have worked to create database filled with plants, shrubs and trees found in Canada. It's a useful tool for deciding what to plant as well as identifying what is already growing around you. With very handy advanced options that let you search by such things as region, eco-system type, seed colour, uses, fragrant foilage and many other characteristcs.... [Read More]
How to learn French in Toronto
I owe all of my success with learning french to immersion, as such this article will focus on how to immerse yourself in French in Toronto. What if you prefer learning in a classroom setting? It is not difficult to find FSL classes through the TDSB, private institutions or tutors.  Unfortunately, all my experiences with French language classes from grade school to adulthood have been frustrating at best, so I do not personally recommend that path. I suggest trying to keep things fun, pic... [Read More]
Waste Nothing
If you have an item that you want to get rid of this website will suggest recycling, reusing, selling and donation options specific to the Toronto area. [Read More]
How to cycle from North-West Mississuaga to Downtown Toronto
Though cycling in Mississauga can be terrifying... ..it is possible to traverse the city comfortably if you plan your route carefully. I studied some maps, tested out a few options and have come up with a route to get to north west mississauga(where my parents live) to Toronto that I feel is reasonablly good. Most of this route makes use of mississauga's bike lanes, which are pretty well marked. Click here to see the route in google maps. Here's a few things to tak... [Read More]
Mapnificent Toronto/Hamilton - Dynamic Public Transport Travel Time Maps for Toronto/Hamilton
Google map mash-up that let's you estimate how far public transit can take you in a given time frame. [Read More]
Canada’s Seafood Guide
Five Canadian conservation organizations got together to put out this sea food guide. At a quick glance you can check to see if a particular kind of seafood is a good choice or presents some environmental concerns. Kudo's to them for presenting this info in a clear and simple format.... [Read More]