Static Zine
A new arts and lifestyle focused zine is put together every couple months around a particular theme. An issue is made up of contributions from an impressive variety of writers and artists whom you can meet on their web site. They also put together mix tapes that feature many toronto based bands. [Read More]
dandyhorse magazine | Toronto on two wheels
Magazine and blog focusing on bike culture in Toronto Dandyhorse is produced bi-annually by a team volunteers. [Read More]
COMER — Committee on Monetary and Economic Reform
COMER put's together a monthly journal looking at ways to improve our economic policies. Their primary concern is directed at the practice of governments borrowing money from private banks. "Crucial to our governmental debt problems is the fact that our governments at all levels borrow from private banks and from other private money-lenders, and pay interest on these debts. Each year governments across Canada presently pay some $60 billion in interest on their debts, ... [Read More]