The Element Choir
At a recent art spin I was treated to a performance of The Element Choir led by Christine Duncan. They push choir into the realm of experimental music. Mostly wordless, there's improvisation and unusual sounds prompted by Christine's expressive gestures. I enjoyed it as it pushed music into a fun, playful and unexpected place. It seemed to give greater freedom for individual members to let their uniqueness shine within the choir. There's a few videos of them online, but it... [Read More]
Toronto Bicycle Music Festival
The sound system of this annual festival is pedal powered, includes bike rides through the city as well as mobile performances. For 2012, the festival takes place Saturday September 15th. It's starts at 2pm at Coronation Park across from the CNE gates before moving on to liberty village and Christie Pits. The Schedule includes The Lemon Bucket Orkestra, The Complete Street Band and Rae Spoon.... [Read More]
Red Moon Music Collective
Since 2009 Red moon Collective has been inviting a wide variety of musicians to come together for a jam night. It's a free monthly event, open to all, held in a Photographers loft space. This summer look for the jams happening in outdoor spots like the island. There is a great review of the event on "There is no protocol other than a simple sign-up sheet so people know when they’re up next, the same as what you’d find at a pool hal... [Read More]
Ian Kamau
After a series of promising mix-tapes and features on other notable albums Ian Kamau dropped a master piece debut album. I really can't give it enough praise. It might be easiest to classify the music as hip hop, but the songs on the 'One Day Soon' album eschews much of what has become standard in hip hop. I do wish there was more artists making music at this level. The lyrics are poetry of the highest degree, fiercely honest, open-hearted and thoughtfully crafted with hea... [Read More]
Every week masses of people come together to share in the joy of singing. Accompanied by a guitar the group sings a few songs each week. Their repitoire includes a wide range of popular music from the last 50 years. [Read More]
Evalyn Parry
Evalyn Parry writes and performs poetic, political, theatrical songs / engaging long-format ballads infused with history and contemplation of modern issues which can't be described as anything short of awesome. I was blessed to see her perform from Spin on a recent Art Spin. She was the first stop in the art crawl. After the performance, amazed by what we had just witnessed, my partner and I looked at each other and wondered: "How is anyone else supposed to top that?" ... [Read More]
Placebo Space
Artists Yunior and Ramone started opening their home to live music events last summer. The result is one of the most intimate music experiences you are likely to enjoy in Toronto. The space itself, reminiscent of an art gallery, with it's white painted walls and large scale paintings, is a pleasure for the senses. While proper seating is limited, there is a plethora of cushions. This means lots of room for dancing and the sweet joy of lying sprawled out on the floor... [Read More]
L.I.F.E (Learning Initiatives Fostering Elevation)
LIFEmovement is a collective of youth adovocates. They use hip hop culture to help empower youth and strengthen community engagement. [Read More]
Taktik A$$umption | TORONTO, ON, CA | Electronica/Dance
| Electronica/Dance / Beats /hip hop/ DNB/breaks /tribal /electro/techno / Trance/ Glitch/downbeat/chill |� [Read More]
Insight and Goldilok1
Not only is their subject matter kilometers beyond most groups their delivery is also well honed. Not only do they rap about community love they also live it as part of POR AMOR. "POR AMOR uses the arts to educate the youth and to raise money to support our youth projects in Toronto and the Dominican Republic." [Read More]