ry's ratings | rating food in toronto
Ry, twelve years old, is into healthy, local, organic food and against GMO's. He reviews restraunts and other food related things around Toronto on his blog. [Read More]
Historical Maps of Toronto
This project is an easy to use, online collection of notable pre-1900 maps of our fair city. If you’ve ever wondered what ‘Muddy York’ looked like 200 years ago, and then wanted to trace the city’s development over the following century, this site will fascinate you. Each map in the collection has its own unique story to tell. By comparing these 'windows into history' with the present day, it's possible to gain insight into how much our Toront... [Read More]
Toronto Concerts | Just Shows
Site dedicated to comprehensive concert listings. [Read More]
Hye's Musings
Blog following cultural events of all sorts in Toronto, but the emphasis seems to be on the film festivals. [Read More]
Kurttoons | Subway Thoughts
Animator Kurtis Scott's series of hilarious vignettes looking into the mind of a man on the subway. [Read More]
I Like You : a podcast about two people looking for like
Toronto based podcasters JP and Elah have publishing stories and conversations about love, like, relationships, sex and related topics. Lot's of real people opening up and telling personal stories. Some investigation into the unique and diverse types of human relationships. into It's a beautiful thing. [Read More]
Cytopoetics Events
This blog is pretty darn comprehensive in covering all the poetry events in the GTA. [Read More]
Coolest picnic table and bird sanctuary in high park
A picnic on a summer day is a wonderful thing but finding a nice picnic table in deep shade can be a challenge in the city. If you're visiting High Park there is one amazing picnic spot you should know about. This secluded oasis is surrounded be trees, bird houses, friendly chipmunks and has decorated archways at the entrance. To find it, enter High Park from from the main entrance on Bloor Street. Walking south into the park, stick to the sidewalk on the East(left). T... [Read More]
Ford For Toronto by Matt Elliott
This is Matt Elliott's blog following the folly that is the Ford administration. He does an excellent job covering civic issues and keeps a pretty nifty councillor score card. The score card keeps track of council member votes, and shows, at a glance, how each councillor is aligned. At the time of writting this, the day after the votes for the 2012 budget, the suggestion is that Ford's relevance on "the important day-to-day decisions that matter in Toronto" is quickly dwindl... [Read More]
A Vegan Taste of Toronto
VegNews TV and Our Hen House teamed up to make a great video tour of some of Toronto's vegan hot spots. Good to see some enthusiasm for tasty ethical food. [Read More]