Dr. Martin L Osler - Optometrist
I hadn't visited an eye doctor since I was in my teens, I had a negative experience and have avoided optometrists ever since. My eye sight finally reached a point where I knew I really needed some glasses so I started a search for someone trustworthy. Dr. Osler was recommend by a trusted source so I decided to pay him a visit. At first I missed his office while walking down college street, but found a different eye glass shop where they initially recommended me to another optometrist.... [Read More]
Toronto Acupuncture Studio
Ash Yoon, known for her work with various not-for-profits, including The Stop, has opened a community acupuncture clinic. What sets it apart from your typical clinic? At first glance the cost difference is obvious. She is trying to make it affordable. Treatments are offered on a sliding scale at rates well below the industry average. What might prove to be more impressive is that Ash is aiming to create more of a relaxed, social atmosphere than is the norm at health clinics [Read More]