Noble Hop - Downtown Toronto homebrewing ingredients and equipment
With the recent controversy surrounding the beer stores, it seems like a great time to try your hand at creating your own beers. Noble Hop is a supply shop serving Toronto Homebrewing community. They carry a pretty decent range of yeasts and other ingredients. They also run workshops if you are looking for a few pointers on getting started. They are one of the only shops like this located close to the downtown area, and I'm very pleased they chose to set up shop in my neighbo... [Read More]
A Higher Plane
The Higher Plane takes old materials and uses them to make something new. They have a line of zero waste furniture. They also specialize in custom home renovations, fine carpentry and millwork as well as alternative construction.... [Read More]
Grow Your Own Gourmet Mushrooms + Organic Sprouts | Fungaea
They provide grow your own oyster mushroom starter kits with eco friendly packaging. With their kit you can practice a little urban farming on your kitchen counter. [Read More]
Coopers Office Furniture
Independant family business supplying a wide range of office furniture. While I've managed to make myself a very serviceable desk from scrap wood and as well as branches trimmed from the overzealous tree of heaven in my backyard, the seating options for my home office have still left much to be desired. As part of my job, I've done media production on courses that look at ergonomics issues and I knew all to well I needed something better. So I visited Noah and David and coopers of... [Read More]
Romni Wools
Exceptionally large selection of wool products. Yarns, roving for felting, knitting needles and the related accessories. I have a hard time resisting their boxing day sales, and as a result I've felted a large portion of my winter wear from their wool. Only wish they carried more roving from Ontario sheep. [Read More]
Central Fairbank Lumber
They carry a fairly wide selection and sizes of lumber compared to most others. When buying contruction grade lumber they still end up trying to give you damaged and cracked pieces but it seems to be a little less damaged or warped than other places. [Read More]
The Soap Works
Discovered these Toronto made soaps about a decade ago and have loved them ever since.  Their bars come without any packaging. The natural sents smell great. My skin likes them, where as most other soaps seem to irritate my skin and cause minor temporary rashes. They carry a wide variety of soaps for different purposes and skin types. Some of my favourites are hemp, tea tree oil and goat milk. I use these both as a body soap and as a shampoo.... [Read More]
Freedom Clothing Collective
Freedom Clothing Collective is a non-profit organization that sells one of a kind products while supporting local designers, artisans and artists. The store puts a particular emphasis on promoting products produced with an environmental ethic. This might mean organic cotton, found objects or upcycled materials. They also host workshops, music performances and put on art shows. [Read More]
Freshly Printed
Freshly printed makes eco-conscious household textiles such as trivets, napkins and aprons. They use felt, hemp and organic linen as fabrics and non-toxic dyes including locally harvested black walnut. You can find their wares around town at these shops.... [Read More]
Work N Wear
Work n wear sells a wide variety of work clothes and accessories. Gloves, boots, coveralls, reflective vests etc. The big bonus is that they also carry used work wear. [Read More]