Occupy Gardens Toronto
Inspired by the Occupy movement, this growing community of gardners is focused on food security. Photo by: Kristyna Balaban They guerilla gardening around the city and share the harvest with anyone who is hungry. There motto is Lettuce Occupy Gardens for World Peas! Join in on the fun and help create peace by reducing hunger.... [Read More]
The About Face Collective
They describe themselves as a grassroots arts and environmental collective. They work to connect different community groups together while working on urban sustainability projects. Building a green roof for the Annex Centre for Social Innovation is their current primary project. [Read More]
Toronto Community Garden Network
I spent an afternoon a week at a community garden during 2008 and 2009. The first year I didn't have access to growing space but taking part in the community garden allowed me to grow enough to meet pretty much all my vegetable needs for the summer. I returned to the garden the following year despite moving to an apartment with a backyard garden because it turns out community gardens are a pretty awesome social experience. So how to get in on the growing? TCGN has created a large ... [Read More]
The Toronto Beekeeper’s Co-operative
I discovered the Toronto Beekeepers Co-op a couple of years ago through friends at foodshares community garden. There are people keeping bees in the city? It seemed incredible, never mind that I'd been deeply afraid of bees and the possibility I might be alergic to stings, this was something I had to do(Turns out bee alergies are extremly rare and I don't have one.) How could I resist? I'm a total sweet fiend and the possibility of getting my own hands sticky in the pr... [Read More]
UofT B.E.E.S
With a little guidance from some experienced beekeepers and a large property which allows them to stay official despite Ontario's ultra-prohibitive bee act, a group of students took up organic beekeeping at University of Toronto's down town campus in 2010. One of the features that sets them apart from other groups keeping honeybees in the city is their open door policy. They are still welcoming members of the general public to come visit their hives on top of trinity college, ... [Read More]
T.O. bee | Wild Bee Diversity in the City
Do you want to encourage more pollinators to set up home around your garden? Have you seen how many different kinds of bees are in your backyard? Do you want to know what species of bees are helping your veggies grow? This project is aiming to help you do all these things while simultaneously conducting a census for research at York University. Before I became a beekeeper I was little aware of the diversity of bees that exist, or that unlike honey bees most varieties live alone or in very... [Read More]
The Permaculture Project - GTA
Toyin Coker has been busy putting together a community around permaculture in the toronto area. If you're interested in permaculture, forging a space for permaculture concepts in the city and gathering, spades raised, with kindred spirits, this is the place to start. They also have a facebook group. [Read More]