De La Mer Fresh Fish Market
They carry a variety of sustainable fresh fish options including certified Ocean Wise items They have a second location on Bayview. [Read More]
FoodShare is a charity organization working to increase the availibility of healthy food for all. They promote urban agriculture by starting both community and school gardens. They run nutrition programs within schools. They have a good food box program which works to establish connections with farmers and delivers food to people throughout the city for a small cost. They also have an impressive compost system. ... [Read More]
Lemon and Allspice Cookery
This company employs individuals with developmental disabilities and offers catering services and sell their products to retail outlets. Their catering menu includes cookies, wraps, sandwhiches, muffins, fruit/cheese trays, salad, coffee, tea, juices and more. [Read More]
TakeOutWithOut - Campaign to Reduce Restaurant Waste
The title pretty much sums it. This campaign was started by Lisa Borden in hope of getting rid of the waste that often comes obligatory with take out food. They have a list, albeit a short one, of participating restaurants that actively encourage people to bring there own containers. Hopefully we'll see this list grow.... [Read More]
Dufferin Grove Park Farmers' Market
Every Thursday from 3-7 all year round Dufferin Grove park hosts their famous farmers' markets. The park makes it's own fresh wood-oven baked bread and serves delicious 2.50$ chili in addition to welcoming in numerous famers from the GTA. This market is where I discovered how good food should taste and has been one of my important weekly rituals since 2002. Aside from being a great place to pick up fresh, organic, local ingredients, it's a wonderful place go for a ... [Read More]
ChocoSol Traders - Pedal powered, Stone Ground, Whole Food Chocolate, baby.
Chocosol is a small chocolate company that makes all other chocolate seem inferior. They've truly gone the distance to provide quality ethically produced food. They've gone to Mexico to make direct relationships with Cacoa growers. They call what they do 'horizontal trade' as they aim to go above and beyond the rules of free trade. They produce slow food. Rather than opt for the extreme mechanized process of mass produced chocolate, they use relatively simple pedal-pow... [Read More]
Not Far From The Tree
Not far from the tree connects homeowners with fruit trees with groups of volunteers willing to pick them. The fruit then gets dividies up 1/3 each to the home owner, the volunteers and shelters/foodbanks/community kitchens. Turns out there is a suprising amount of food growing in the city. In 2010 they picked 19,695 pounds of fruit and the project has expanded to more neighbourhoods since then. The idea has proven to be super popular and picks often fill up in a wink ... [Read More]
Food Not Bombs Toronto
Food not Bombs takes perfectly edible food that would otherwise end up in the waste stream and uses it to cook up vegan and veggie meals that are than given away for free. If you want to help picking-up food, cooking or serving join their facebook group. Toronto is just one of thousands of cities around the world with people giving out free food under the Food Not Bombs name. Check out the global site here. ... [Read More]
Westend Food Co-op - Sorauren Farmers' Market!
The aim of the Westend Food co-op is to foster a local community food culture. They have now opened a store at Queen and Dufferin and have been running the Sorauren Farmers' Market for some time. They are also contrubuting to the local food culture through workshops, such as the community canning project: Visit the farmers' market at Sorauren park Mondays from 3-7(4-7 in the winter) at Sorauren park.... [Read More]
Karma Food Co-op
As a proud foodie without a desire to ignore environmental issues, joining Karma co-op was an obvious choice. The main attractions for me was their commitment to local, organic and food that comes with less packaging. They carry the typical bulk nuts, flour, quinoa, dried fruits and rice you would expect to find in such a store but they have a number of hard to find items in bulk such as organic spices, eggs, Ontario maple syrup, Ontario Honey and Ontario sunflower oil. Karma ... [Read More]