Sosnicki Organics
I've been buying produce from Ben almost weekly for the past few years at Dufferin Groves farmers' market. He brings Cabbage and potatos into the city all year round and an ever expanding variety of other produce in the summer from his family run farm in norfolk county. What I believe is a testament to the quality of their produce is the shelf life I experience with their food. Their vegtables just seem to stay fresh in the fridge longer than when I've bought the same item... [Read More]
Akiwenzie's Fish & More
Akiwenzie's Fish brings Toronto some of the best and probably the freshest wild fish one can find in the city. It's a small family run business that sustainably fishes lake trout and white fish in the deep waters of Georgian Bay. Andrew and his wife Natasha give a nice overview of what they do in the beginning of this video. They frequently bring their fresh and smoked fish to both the Dufferin Grove Farmers' market and the Wychwood Barns market. Check their blog to see if the... [Read More]
The fresh veggies
Bob Baloch used the Farm Start program to get his urban farm going. You can find his tasty produce can be found at the Sorauren farmers market. [Read More]
The Bovine | Freedom of Choice for Raw Milk Drinkers
Michael Schmidt cares for cows and brings Torontonians their raw milk. Unfortunately the waiting list is extraordinarily long and I have no hope of tasting his milk. Having seen Michael Schmidt speak at the release of 'milk war' I'm on the verge of declaring him a national hero. He's a man of principal who's been fighting on behalf of all Canadians to change archaic laws and give people greater freedom in how they nourish themselves. Thanks Michael. Also see th... [Read More]
Bee Queen Honey
Before talking about Bee Queen Honey I’d like to provide a bit of background into the beekeeping industry. Despite the recent research identifying Neonicotinoids (one the most widely used pesticides globally) as a serious concern for bee health, the varroa mite is seen as one of the leading causes of bee death in Ontario. While many beekeepers have resorted to harsh chemicals, others seeking more natural alternatives attempt to control for mites using formic acid or even essential ... [Read More]