The Shop
A maker space for those getting creative with ceramics, woodworking and other crafting. They offer both drop in and membership rates. If you're looking to learn a few skills, they run a variety of classes. [Read More]
Woodshop at Franklin Horner Community Centre
If you pass their safety test it's possible to become a member of their woodshop. You can then use the space and their fancy wood working tools to make your own projects. They run a number of classes for those who might need a bit of guidance before being turned loose to play with table saws, routers and drill presses. They also sell a wide variety of hand crafted items at reasonable prices. Worth considering if you're in the market for a muskoka chair, a table, shelving,... [Read More]
The Make Den Sewing Studio | - sewing, design, fashion classes in Toronto
Toronto sewing studio. Services include classes and the ability to use their studio (rent by the hour). [Read More]
SKETCH :: Working Arts for Street Involved and Homeless youth.
Every time I visited the Sketch studio or seen participants at events around Toronto I've been impressed by their creativity, but what really blows me away is the relationships the organization seems to foster. It's a diverse group of people who come together at sketch to collaborate, create and support each other. It's a truly uplifting and inspiring culture that they've established. It's easy to look at street involved youth simply as those who need to be... [Read More] - Toronto's hacker collective
What's a hack lab? If you're thinking computer geeks up to nefarious activities you've got the wrong idea. A good simple description might be a DIY group with a technology focus. You need to be recommended and voted in to become a member, but they open their doors every Tuesday to the public. The night I visited I found a handful of people sitting together with laptops and another group tweaking a 3D printer. One member quickly welcomed me and gave me the tour of the apart... [Read More]
Evergreen Brick Works | Bike Works
Tucked away in the Don Valley one can find a DIY bike repair shop. Bike Works is located at the brick works. They are open spring to fall on the weekends(10am–4pm). It's by donation($7 suggested to use the space + cost of parts) In addition to bike repair they also run bike safety workshops and rent out bikes by the hour. They are looking for volunteers and bike donations. [Read More]
Bike Pirates
Since I moved back to Toronto in 2007 Bike pirates has helped keep my bikes on the road. They have also made it fun as there is always good people and conversations to be found here. Offering help to the inexperienced, used parts by donation and inexpensive new parts, Bike Pirates is the west-ends cheapest and wihtout a doubt most interesting solution for maintaining/making/buying your bicycle. As if that wasn't enough there is also often a volunteer around cooking for you and the... [Read More]
Site 3 coLaboratory
Site 3 is a new space in Toronto: a member-run workshop for projects that fall somewhere in the intersection between art and technology. They currently run an open house every Thursday night so you can stop by to see what they are up to They also run a number of workshops from electronics to stain glass, to leather mask making and even how to use a laser! Site 3 is also connected to that pyromaniacs wet-dream art installation you may have seen at nuit blanche 2010. ... [Read More]
bike Sauce
Labour costs that are higher than many new bike parts is the corner stone of the DIY bike shops raison d'etre. The dedicated volunteers help divert bikes and parts from the waste stream, will teach you how to fix your bike and provide community space for people to come together, hang out. This is goodness to the core. [Read More]