Lake Ontario Waterkeeper
Lake Ontario Waterkeeper is founded on the belief that it is possible to achieve a swimmable, drinkable, fishable world – all we need is commitment to clean water and the right mix of sound environmental policy, transparent and informed decision-making, public education, and community-building programs. Lake Ontario Waterkeeper, a registered Canadian charity, helps to create a swimmable, drinkable, fishable future by connecting and empowering people in order to stop pollution, p... [Read More]
Sistering - A Woman's Place: Supporting ordinary women in extraordinary circumstances
This drop in center has been "supporting homeless, underhoused and low-income women" since 1981. They offer: free lunch, shower facilities,employment opputunities, help finding housing, donated clothing, as well as health and well-being programs and services. You can support Sistering through volunteering, donations of money, clothing or house hold items, or by purchasing art through their Inspiration Studios.... [Read More]
Second Harvest
The quantity of perfectly edible food that that goes to waste in every step of the chain, from the growing fields to individual households, is shocking. Estimates suggest between 25 to 50 per cent of food is wasted. It's hard to look at those numbers without being reminded that hunger, as it was during the Irish famine, is often created by capitalist forces rather than any actual food shortage. Second Harvest aims to divert some of the industrial food systems waste back into hungr... [Read More]