ry's ratings | rating food in toronto
Ry, twelve years old, is into healthy, local, organic food and against GMO's. He reviews restraunts and other food related things around Toronto on his blog. [Read More]
Hye's Musings
Blog following cultural events of all sorts in Toronto, but the emphasis seems to be on the film festivals. [Read More]
Cytopoetics Events
This blog is pretty darn comprehensive in covering all the poetry events in the GTA. [Read More]
Ford For Toronto by Matt Elliott
This is Matt Elliott's blog following the folly that is the Ford administration. He does an excellent job covering civic issues and keeps a pretty nifty councillor score card. The score card keeps track of council member votes, and shows, at a glance, how each councillor is aligned. At the time of writting this, the day after the votes for the 2012 budget, the suggestion is that Ford's relevance on "the important day-to-day decisions that matter in Toronto" is quickly dwindl... [Read More]
Toronto Media Co-op | Local Independent News
The media co-op is a network of media producers working to produce independent professional quality news. They cover some the most relevant stories in the news, but do so outside the realm of corporate influence. [Read More]
The Mass Ornament | The politics of culture
Some smart writers from Toronto taking a critical look at mass culture. They analyize culture but the aren't afraid to participate in culture too. See their cheeky Nuite Blanche article/video/intervention for an example: [Read More]
A Visitor's Guide to Street People, many without a home
John B. Deacon uses this blog to chronicle his incidental encounters with those on the street. His stories are short and sweet and do a good job at trying to peer into the humanity of a group of people who are so often reduced to mere statistics. [Read More]
Welcome to the Junction Triangle | Junction Triangle
Site Features news, events and hosts an online forum for the Junction Triangle. [Read More]
The making and unmaking of Dufferin Grove Park
The city is enforcing greater beauracratic control that threatens to disintigrate that great comunity spirit that has developed over the years at Dufferin Grove Park. In responce Jutta Mason has started chronicling the history of how friends of Dufferin Grove Park have managed to turn the neighbourhood around and make things work so beautifully within the park. She tells an interesting tale and leaves much insight and wisdom for anyone serious about healthy communities, public spaces ... [Read More]
Michael's Bloor-Lansdowne Blog
One man's blog about life in bloordale. [Read More]