Furniture Bank Furnishing Beginnings, Spreading Hope
They take used furniture donations and give it to those in need. Rather than leaving items on the side of the street, send it to the furniture bank and ensure it gets to those truly in need. [Read More]
Woodshop at Franklin Horner Community Centre
If you pass their safety test it's possible to become a member of their woodshop. You can then use the space and their fancy wood working tools to make your own projects. They run a number of classes for those who might need a bit of guidance before being turned loose to play with table saws, routers and drill presses. They also sell a wide variety of hand crafted items at reasonable prices. Worth considering if you're in the market for a muskoka chair, a table, shelving,... [Read More]
Humber Arboretum
Beautiful area along side Humber college north that mixes both naturalized wild areas and cultivated ornamental gardens. The trails are extensive, connecting into the west-humber trail. The area is also home to a number of deer who seem to have grown relatively tolerant of the many human visitors. You are almost certain to be able to spot them. The Center for Urban Ecology located at this site was built to high levels of eco-certification and with sustainability(GOLD LEED) in ... [Read More]
Placebo Space
Artists Yunior and Ramone started opening their home to live music events last summer. The result is one of the most intimate music experiences you are likely to enjoy in Toronto. The space itself, reminiscent of an art gallery, with it's white painted walls and large scale paintings, is a pleasure for the senses. While proper seating is limited, there is a plethora of cushions. This means lots of room for dancing and the sweet joy of lying sprawled out on the floor... [Read More]